Safe Manual Handling

Designed for all employees who lift and handle loads as part of their normal work.

On completion of this course the student will have an appreciation of the basic principles of correct manual handling, and the injuries which can be caused by poor lifting technique.

Safe Manual Handling

Course Modules:

  • Introduction – (5 mins) – Describes the high accident rate caused by poor manual handling and explains how everyone is at risk, not just those working in a heavy industrial environment.
  • Reducing the Risk – (5 mins) – Outlines the measures which employers should take to protect the workforce, but stresses that employees also have a major role to play by recognising, and reporting if necessary, activities which force them into bad postures.
  • Your Back – (10 mins) – Explains how poor handling technique can cause injury to the spine, and why some injuries cause permanent disability. Contains back strengthening exercises.
  • Good Handling Technique – (5 mins) – Illustrates, using computer generated graphics, how to lift and move objects and people safely.
  • Team Lifting – (5 mins) – Illustrates the basic principles of team lifting.
  • Pushing and Pulling – (5 mins) – Deals with techniques which may be used to avoid lifting altogether.
  • Self Test – (5 mins) – Twenty questions to test your understanding of the course.

The average course completion time is 40 minutes.