Risk Assessment

This course aims to raise awareness of the procedures involved in risk assessment and to identify how both employers and employees can contribute to the process.

The course illustrates the different phases of a risk assessment and the criteria which must be addressed to make it concordant with legislatory requirements.

There is information and documentation on how to produce your own risk assessments.

Risk Assessment

Course Modules:

  • What is Risk Assessment? – (10 mins) – Outlines the legislative requirements and defines the terms ‘risk assessment’, ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’.
  • What Should a Risk Assessment Do? – (10 mins) – Outlines the steps which comprise any risk assessment and provides guidance to persons carrying out a risk assessment.
  • Looking for Hazards – (15 mins) – Considers the search for hazards caused by human factors, those with technical causes and those which are a feature of both the task and the workplace.
  • Conducting & Recording a Risk Assessment – (20 mins) – How to produce a suitable and sufficient risk assessment concordant with current health and safety legislation.
  • Risk/Hazard Control – (10 mins) – How to use the risk assessment to decide on the control measures which need to be taken, having regard to the duties imposed by health and safety legislation.
  • Maintaining Risk Assessments – (10 mins) – Techniques to be used to ensure risk assessments remain valid.
  • Worked Example – (10 mins) – How to complete a risk assessment form.
  • Self Test – (15 mins) – 20 multiple choice questions.

The average course completion time is 1 hour 40 minutes.