Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations

Designed for employers and managers responsible for health and safety.

This training course explains the requirements of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, and encourages a more systematic approach to health and safety management.

Management of Health and Safety at Work

Course Modules:

  • European Overview – Explains the role of the European Union in the development of new health and safety legislation.
  • Risk Assessment (Reg. 3) – Outlines the purpose and general principles of a qualitative risk assessment. It includes a demonstration of how a risk assessment could be carried out for a particular activity.
  • Principles of Prevention (Reg. 4) – Considers the principles of prevention which must form the basis of any preventive and protective measures taken.
  • Health and Safety Arrangements (Reg. 5) – Deals with the health and safety arrangements which employers must adopt and covers planning, organisation, control and monitoring and review.
  • Health Surveillance (Reg. 6) – Explains when health surveillance should be considered, how it could be carried out and its primary objective and benefits.
  • Health and Safety Assistance (Reg. 7) – Deals with the requirement to appoint competent persons to assist with the implementation of health and safety measures and explains the duties and necessary qualities of a competent person.
  • Procedures for Serious and Imminent Danger (Reg. 8) – Explains the aims of the procedures, the information they ought to contain and who should be informed. Also covers the requirement to appoint competent persons to help with evacuation procedures and the special features of danger areas.
  • Contacts with External Services (Reg. 9) – Employers must ensure that any necessary contacts with external services are made.
  • Information for Employees (Reg. 10) – Explains an employer’s duty to provide health and safety information to all employees.
  • Co-operation and Co-ordination (Reg. 11) – Where employers share premises or workplaces they may need to co-operate with each other and to exchange information. This module explains when this would be necessary.
  • Persons Working In Host Employers’ Undertaking (Reg. 12) – Explains the duties of a host employer to provide information to other employers and their employees.
  • Capabilities and Training Reg. 13) – Considers the need to provide health and safety training for all employees.
  • Employees’ Duties (Reg. 14) – Outlines employees’ duties with regard to health and safety.
  • Temporary Workers (Reg. 15) – Describes additional information which must be provided to temporary workers and their employers.
  • New or Expectant Mothers (Reg. 16,17,18) – Considers the need for the risk assessment to take account of women of child bearing age.
  • Protection of Young Persons (Reg. 19) – Explains an employer’s duty to evaluate the risks to the health and safety of young persons.
  • Self Test – 22 questions covering Regulations 3 to 15 of the Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations 1999.

The average course completion time is three hours.