First Aid Respiratory Problems

This ‘First Aid’ safety training course covers respiratory problems and explains how to diagnose and treat casualties with different causes of unconsciousness.

The course aims to teach practical first aid techniques required to deal with common injuries and conditions.

The intention is not to make students into qualified first aiders, but simply to highlight the skills required to be of help if an incident occurs.

Because accidents do not always occur when qualified help is at hand, it is useful for all employers and employees who may need to apply emergency first aid.

Course Modules:

  • The respiratory system – (10 mins)
  • Choking – (5 mins)
  • Suffocation – (5 mins)
  • Drowning – (5 mins)
  • Hanging, Strangulation or Throttling – (5 mins)
  • Self Test – (10 mins)

The average course completion time is 40 minutes.