What is TBT ?

Technology Based Training (TBT), or Computer Based Training (CBT) uses the computer to display information and instructions, ask questions, and respond to answers given by the trainee. Computer graphics, photographs, video and audio may be used to improve the interest and usefulness of the training material, but most importantly the computer can adjust to the needs of the trainee.

TBT has been used successfully in a wide range of industrial training needs. Its cost effectiveness is based on its ability to deliver consistent training to one student at a time, at a place and time convenient for the company and employee, and as many times as is required. Taking the training to the trainee saves on subsistence and travel costs. Unlike video or classroom training, the student has to interact with the training, so the training will only continue at the pace of the student. The privacy of the training may give reassurance to the timid trainee.

Throughout the TBT course questions may be asked, and the result of answers given may be saved away for later analysis. These results may be used as a basis for assessing a student’s ability to do a job, or used as a basis for organising further training.

A Typical Course
A training course will typically last between one to two hours. It will be structured such that material can be called from a menu, and often extra information is offered which may be accessed if required. Questions throughout the material assess the understanding, and may control the routing – to explain things which have not been understood. There may be an assessment or test module, with questions designed to assess the students overall understanding of the material.

The course will usually be mouse operated, with a minimum of keyboard entry. It should be informative and useful, whilst also being interesting and entertaining; the student will hopefully leave the course having not felt it to be a drudge. If the training course lasts more than an hour, the student should be able to break from the course, and continue later where he left off.

What about record keeping and results?

A Student Record Keeping System is included as part of the system which stores details of who has attempted each course and when, how much of it they have completed and their test score.

Also included is a Student Record Management System which is password protected and which allows instructors/supervisors to interrogate student record databases easily and quickly. It allows complete control over the management of student record information.

What equipment is needed?

The online courses will run on any modern multimedia PC with sound and a connection to the internet.