Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

This course looks at carbon monoxide (CO), how it is produced, its effects on the body, and how the risk of ill health can be reduced.

CO Poisoning
Course Modules:

  • Introduction (5 mins) – Looks at how carbon monoxide is produced and how it affects people.
  • Symptoms (5 mins) – Describes the symptoms of both low and high levels of CO poisoning.
  • Sources (5 mins) – Considers a variety of sources of carbon monoxide.
  • Treatment (5 mins) – Basic first aid treatment for victims of CO poisoning.
  • Prevention (5 mins) – How to reduce the risk of CO poisoning.
  • Self Test (5 mins) – 20 multiple choice questions. Results are stored for later retrieval by training supervisors.

The total time for the course is is 30 minutes, including the test.